The PlanetPress Suite offers three powerful configurations with printing options that scale to your needs.

PlanetPress Watch

Limited to a specific number of licensed printers.

PlanetPress Office

Is not restricted to any number of printers and supports output to any printer with a Windows driver.

PlanetPress Production

Is not restricted to any number of printers and supports output to any printer with a Windows driver and in addition allows printing in Optimized PostScript.

PlanetPress Suite

  • Route and distribute documents automatically
  • Print locally or remotely, fax or email conditionally based on business rules that you create
  • Modify and cleanse data stream within user interface
  • Control your printer’s finishing features automatically and conditionally
  • Print at high-speed.  All printers should run at or near their rated speeds.
  • Convert documents to the digital file type that is required to seamlessly integrate with your existing document management system
  • Automate the execution of any ActiveScript program (VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, etc.) to further process your data, allowing custom workflow functions
  • Connects to most third party applications through the SOAP connector. All PlanetPress Suite workflow tools can be configured as SOAP servers, allowing third-party applications – such as Web-based front ends – to submit jobs directly into PlanetPress Suite remotely.
  • Experience Advanced PDF Handling.  PlanetPress Office and PlanetPress Production offer true automated PDF workflow
  • Distribute PlanetPress documents to clusters of printers automatically. Perform queue balancing, round robin or job splitting for greater speed and efficiency.
  • Set rules to split single jobs into several data streams based on values or characters found in the data.
  • Run PlanetPress Workflow tools and PlanetPress Imaging as Windows services for enhanced security and peace of mind.
  • Process HTTP GET/POST requests. Optimize your workflow with real-time fulfillment of requests and gain advantages from interconnectivity with e-commerce applications.
  • The PlanetPress Workflow tools can also actively communicate with a third-party Web Server and launch a process using the response from that Web Server. Use the PlanetPress Workflow tools to automatically monitor the content of a third party web server for online data repurposing.
  • Distribute documents when and where you need them
  • Compatible with all host systems – no need to convert
  • Replace manual processes with automated workflow
  • Produce and distribute invoices faster; improve invoice to cash cycle
  • Strong ROI based on workflow efficiencies
  • Reduce printing by producing and distributing documents electronically
  • Improve the document distribution process
  • Develop powerful workflows quickly
  • Manage paper handling and printer features seamlessly
  • Customize workflow processes based on business rules
  • Transform business documents into attractive marketing communications with trans-promo messaging
  • Reduce or eliminate scanning
  • Integrate with any document management system
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