Included with all workflow products is PlanetPress Design.

This allows you to design transactional business documents from scratch or re-purpose and enhance existing ones. This user-friendly design tool allows you to create and modify documents at will. No more settling for “standard” formats or expensive pre-printed forms.

If you want to use your current output, you can also capture PDF files or print streams from any Windows-based applications.

All documents created with PlanetPress Design can have built-in conditions and rules to dynamically add barcodes, graphics/logos, page numbers, targeted marketing messages or envelope inserter controls. These dynamic elements can all be generated by the information found in the original data. The possibilities are limitless.

The Companion Modules

  • Supports input data in almost any format. AS400, Unix, Windows, PDF…
  • Features intuitive interface
  • Enables you to design simple to complex business documents with conditional text, images, graphics or pages
  • Uses drag and drop functionality to design documents or to apply business rules and conditions
  • Allows you to create data-driven graphics and charts
  • Inserts barcodes, graphics & logos, page numbers, targeted marketing messages or envelope inserter controls based on business rules
  • Generates industry-standard barcodes, including 1D, 2D, and OMR
  • Offers real-time preview
  • Includes scripting language, PlanetPress Talk, for unique applications or complex requirements
  • Controls your printers’ finishing features automatically
  • Ensures color consistency by relying on advanced color management functions that adjust to printer and monitor profiles
  • Eliminate expensive preprinted business forms
  • Improve corporate image with professional looking documents
  • Add targeted trans-promotional messages to your outbound documents based on customer information in your database
  • Improve the functionality of documents by manipulating their content and layout.
  • Modify documents, in real time, based on ever changing business needs.
  • Create a custom document for your needs instead of working on a standard “form” or existing document
  • Eliminate unreadable additional copies.  Now each copy is a clean and crisp original.
  • Assemble custom packets dynamically
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