A product set apart by it’s features and benefits.

  • No Connection: Download forms ca be used when your device is not connects. Changes will be synced with the device is back online.
  • Forms Can Be Queued: The application automatically queues from that need to be sent so that whenever the connects comes back, they are synced right away. 
Capture OnTheGo

Capture OnTheGo

Capture data using multi-media content from your phone or tablet.

  • Pictures: Add pictures and geological information to forms you send to the system.
  • Validation: Validation on input fields can be performed even when the user is offline.
  • Signature: Capture OnTheGo is perfect when you request a signature.


Share your documents and accelerate interactions at the touch of a button.

  • Sort Actions: Search or sort documents by client name or document category.
  • Documents and Forms: Users only see what they are supposed to.
  • Repository and Downloading: Documents and forms available for download are always stored in your repository.
Capture OnTheGo

Capture OnTheGo

A simple three-part solution that brings speed and accuracy to paper processes.

  • Web Admin Panel: Configure users and groups to your preferences.
  • PlanetPress Connect: Design your forms, automatically post them on your mobile devices and process them using mobile apps.
  • Mobile Devices: Access documents and forms. Add photos and signatures before sending them back to the system. 

User and Group Management

Have full control over what your team sees.

  • Create Users: Allocate mobile licenses to people in your organization based on roles and groups.
  • Management Groups: Users will only be able to see and download documents intended for their group.
  • Brand your mobile app: Showcase your logo, company name and slogan how you like. 
Capture OnTheGo

Our solution starts where other digital form solutions stop

Features that distinguish Capture OnTheGo from the competition

Full process automation

Automate your processes, such as invoicing or real time system updates. Processes are triggered when data is captured on forms and sent back to the home office, accelerating your transactions and increasing workforce productivity.

No lag time

Because there is no need to wait until the end of the day to get your completed forms – and there is no more manual keying in of information – reliable and accurate records are created, reducing errors and streamlining your transactions.

No pre-defined templates

Have the freedom to design your forms as you wish. With the flexibility to format without pre-set constraints, you can create customized designs that fit your business needs.

Offline mode

Don’t let a bad connection slow you down. Submitted documents are automatically queued and sent as soon as your connection returns.

Information is stored on premises

Avoid having to share information in your database with third parties. This way you can be certain access is controlled and your information is secure.

Your own branding

Replicate your image and create personalized documents that represent your organization. Showcase your brand and make the app look like it’s yours.

We know everyone’s situation is unique and needs particular attention.

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